Rather than focus on specific products, we find the smartest most cost efficient solutions to meet the Security needs of your business. We provide the following Services:

Technology Audit

This ensures you completely understand and are using your current system to its maximum value. We also evaluate current risks and remedies

Cost Analysis

We breakdown your current total cost of ownership and see if there are savings to be made. Estimating your on going costs after your upgrade to ensure you have all the information you need to make a the right decision for your business

Implementation Plan

We provide a full scope of works and road map to move your business to up to date, cost effective and efficient technology within 90 days. Working with your current providers, sourcing new partners and managing the project to completion

Ongoing Training and Support

Ongoing reviews, training and user engagement to guarantee you are getting the maximum value out of the system. Improving the overall experience for you tenants, employees, management and administrators

We specialise in the following products:

Access Control

Control Access to your business via card, keypad or mobile application. This can include staff, visitors and contractors. Know who and when people are on your site. Remotely unlock and lock your doors, run muster reports, and track time and attendance.


Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are a powerful deterrent to crime, unauthorised access, and can also enhance public safety. Not only a Security application, CCTV can save you time and money using AI and Analytics. CCTV is also key to ensuring your team is meeting Health & Safety Responsibilities.

Alarms & Monitoring

Intrusion detection technology protects your commercial property and gives you peace of mind wherever you are. We can eliminates common security system frustrations, significantly reduce false alarms, and retire old legacy panels. With new technology we can offer further value, and you’ll never worry if your security system has been left unarmed again.

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